“Bardano” mini ring


Type of route:
N.A. (not available)
Difficulty level:
Track length:
3,5 km
Total height difference:
+ / - 128 m
Departure altitude:
-4 m
Max quota:
113 m
Min quota:
-4 m
Excursion time:
About 2 hours
Edited by:
Salvatore Spiga - Tony
Updated on:
March 28, 2021
Simple and pleasant route to do even with children. Transitable by MTB
To reach the starting point, take the SP44 as far as Fontanelle di Bardano, turn left onto the road that leads to Bardano, after about 100 m turn left and park in the first possible clearing. Continue on the cart road, you will find yourself passing in front of the La Cioccoleta farmhouse, always continue on the main path, always keeping to the right. You pass through enchanting places surrounded by nature, occasionally discovering wonderful views. After a fountain, continue uphill towards the hamlet of Bardano, belonging to the municipality of Orvieto. Continuing a slight descent begins, pause for a moment to admire in front of you a priceless view of Orvieto while on your right a wonderful view of the valley dominated by the locality of La Rocca Ripesena, on the left the landscape opens onto the valley of the Paglia river with a view wonderful on the badlands. The route joins the asphalted road which, following it downhill for about 600 m, returns to the starting point.


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