Castel Cellesi path


historical - landscape
Type of route:
Difficulty level:
Track length:
8 km
Total height difference:
+/- 364 m Maximum slope 38%
Departure altitude:
N.A. (not available)
Max quota:
N.A. (not available)
Min quota:
N.A. (not available)
Excursion time:
2h e 30
Edited by:
Archaeological Association of Castel Cellesi
Updated on:
1 December 2018
This route, Asphalt 4% Dirt roads and cart tracks 78% Mule tracks and paths 18%, starts from the small village of Castel Cellesi and crosses the woods and valleys around it.
The first panoramic and dominant part then descends towards the bottom of the valley and runs along the ditches for a long stretch.
There is the opportunity to visit the excavations concerning an elepahs antiquus (PALEOLITHIC) Etruscan tunnel, grottoes of the brigands.
An easy itinerary, the difference in height is not high, except in the first part and in fact we recommend that you make the itinerary in
clockwise looking at the map. It can be traveled in all seasons by mountain bike, on horseback and on foot.
There are some indications of other converging paths.



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