From Castel Viscardo to Monterubiaglio


historical, landscaped
Type of route:
linear path
Difficulty level:
Track length:
13,40 km
Total height difference:
+ 327 m / - 463 m
Departure altitude:
494 m
Max quota:
581 m
Min quota:
245 m
Excursion time:
5 h 15 min
Edited by:
Paolo Pimpolari
Updated on:
February 16, 2020
"On the ancient traces of San Bartolomeo Apostolo" between Castel Viscardo and Monterubiaglio. A journey through enchanting places with breathtaking views between nature, history and art.
The route winds from inside the village of Castel Viscardo and its parish church (inside which the Santini altar is erected in which there is the altarpiece by Giacomo Wernle, a German painter in the pay of the Spada family, representing St. Bartolomeo and Santa Caterina di Alessandria, the saints to whom the ancient churches were dedicated). From here, crossing Castel Viscardo, you can reach the area where the Via Traiana Nova descended, and then go up towards the Altopiano dell’Alfina, then taking the path that leads to the Paglia river. Before arriving at the river we find the Franciscan hermitage or hermitage of Santa Rufina, in which there is still a mill in gore, of which the earliest records date back to the sixteenth century. Then we take the road to Monterubiaglio, a village where you can visit the church of Sant’Antonio and the underlying remains of the church of San Bartolomeo of which we have news from the second half of the thirteenth century.


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