Hike with the guys of the “turtle x y z”

Mezzano Lake (town of Valentano) a few kilometers from Latera.

There are some places hard to reach, earned only at the cost of harsh land and other seemingly easy to reach, simple, but not commonplace.

The beauty, the magic, the spark that charms, lighys when all the pieces are joined together and give us the picture that we did not know.

The excursion made on the day of the spring solstice of the year 2014 has amalgamated the various essences that life presents to us and gave us a common special day.

The girls and boys of the Association Turtle Xyz, psychiatric patients, children with physical disabilities, children at risk and with social distress, accompanied by the operators and a guide dell’ASDS Majorana have traveled the roads surrounding the lake Mezzano and after a few kilometers had reached their goal.

It was not a difficult path, a path was not long, but, as always, was characterized by the effort that you need to put in place to achieve the desired results. Along the way, flat and made pleasant by a gentle breeze, a temperature absolutely unexpected June 21, the stories of all are intertwined and unraveled in a canvas difficult to understand and explain. And as always, the question is- Who gave to Who?

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