Montalfina Castle (Castel Giorgio)

Castle Montalfina, whose name derives from Mons to fines that mountain border, was an important stronghold guarding the region of Umbria on the border with Lazio since the eleventh century. Located in the town of Castel Giorgio, was the first defensive fortress against the raids of armies and bandits, then stronghold of the family Monaldeschi and in 1442 fell into the hands of Antonio Coletta said Ciarpellone, captain of the troops of Francesco Sforza. At the end of the 500 under Sforza Monaldeschi it became residential dwelling but was later abandoned and fell into disrepair. In the early years of the 800 he became the property of Ravizza who renovated it in style purist. It is currently a private residence owned by the family Valentini, direct descendants of the female branch of Ravizza.

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