Path PAAO – Ring of the cliff


Historical - archaeological
Tipologia percorso:
Livello di difficoltà:
Lunghezza percorso:
4,5 km
Dislivello totale:
182 m
Quota partenza:
254 m
Quota max:
273 m
Quota min:
219 m
Durata escursione:
1 h stops excluded
A cura di:
Salvatore Spiga and Paolo Bellocchio
Aggiornato al:
13 november 2020
the recommended starting point is from the Madonna del Velo church as it is convenient for its proximity to the "foro boario" car park.
Other accesses to the route are Porta Vivaria, Porta Rocca and the staircase on Piazza Marconi.
The circular route is feasible both clockwise and counterclockwise.
The track shown in this sheet is clockwise, so after the Madonna del Velo church, along the cliff we meet, after a few meters, the rock church called "del Crocifisso". Continuing we arrive at a fork, on the right we reach Porta Vivaria, one of the 4 gates of Orvieto. We will take the descent on the left, after a few steps, on the left, we will notice a descending staircase.
which leads to the Etruscan tombs, but we will always go on along the wonderful slopes of the cliff until we reach some caves called "the fungaia" where once mushrooms were cultivated. We are at the Strada Della Stazione, cross it on the pedestrian crossing paying close attention to the fast transit of cars. Continue on the path called "la Castagnetta" (pay attention to the rather bumpy steps). The route, after a few stretches of descents and climbs, joins the "Piagge", a cobbled road, on the left, which leads to Orvieto Scalo while our itinerary, uphill to the right, leads us in front of Porta Rocca or Soliana. At this point it deserves a stop to admire a breathtaking landscape on the Paglia river valley and above all on the splendid "Calanchi". Continuing, always keeping to the right, you arrive in the area of the Etruscan necropolis of Canicella. Shortly before, we find a cave where fossil trunks dating back to 350,000 years ago are visible (by reservation), a fountain with drinking water and immediately after we find a climb that leads via a spiral staircase, to the town of Orvieto, in Piazza Marconi , in the rear part of the Cathedral. If you do not want to interrupt the walk, continue until you reach the Foro Boario car park, the point from where we started.
- warning in place,
- passable in every season, even in mountain biking,
- there are water supply points.

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