ring Capretta – Colonetta – Osarella


naturalistic, landscape
Type of route:
Difficulty level:
Track length:
9,600 km
Total height difference:
+ / - 284 m
Departure altitude:
530 m
Max quota:
671 m
Min quota:
473 m
Excursion time:
2h 30 min
Edited by:
Gianfranco Milani
Updated on:
January 10, 2021
You could start from the small village of Osarella, we started from the Osarella junction on the SR79bis that from Orvieto climbs towards Mount Peglia, at the height of the Capretta, we recommend it for the convenience of a large space to leave the cars, right at the crossroads. The route begins with the asphalted stretch that descends towards Poggio Boalario and then towards Osarella, before reaching the town, take a cart track to the left and climb without difficulty until you reach the regional road again, which you follow for a short distance turning right. Near the sign for "Colonnetta di Prodo", just after the sports field, take a cart track to the right again, indicated as the cycle path or via di San Francesco and go down towards Osarella, just below where we started to climb . The loop ends by retracing the initial stretch, of just over a kilometer, to find ourselves at the crossroads where we left the cars.
Accessible even in case of heavy rain in the previous days because everything takes place on comfortable cart tracks and short stretches of asphalt.
Very panoramic on days without fog, the view sweeps from the areas of Monte Cetona and Amiata, to the Orvieto countryside, again towards the Cimini Mountains, Monte Soratte clearly recognizable in the background, and finally to the local Citernella, Melezzole, Croce di Serra, Pianicel Grande.


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