Ring Monte Melonta



Tipologia percorso:
Livello di difficoltà:
Lunghezza percorso:
12,2 km
Dislivello totale:
Ascent 543 m - Descent 561 m
Quota partenza:
460 m
Quota max:
620 m
Quota min:
173 m
Durata escursione:
4 h
A cura di:
Paolo Bellocchio
Aggiornato al:
11 february 2018
We are in the Elmo forest, a typical example of Mediterranean scrub that can be fully admired here in autumn and spring, seasons that enhance the colors and landscape views. Monte Melonta is one of the most panoramic points of the S.T.I.N.A.
The recommended starting point is the so-called Mulino del Fruga, of which a ruin is barely visible. Going up by car from Morrano to Monte Peglia, on the sp101, take the junction for San Faustino and after having traveled a short stretch of road you will arrive at another junction, here you turn left and climb up to a small clearing with a bar on the left. That will be our starting point for the excursion, which will take place on a part of the Elmo ring, now no longer accessible in its entirety.
The route begins with a dirt road that in proximity to a lookout tower becomes a path and begins to descend to the ditch of Melonta (Montarsone), it is quite slippery and can become slippery in case of rain. After crossing the ditch, you climb steadily along a cart track to the top of the mountain.
There are more possibilities for the descent, the simplest one is the one indicated in the track where the dirt road has been paved but the traffic is really scarce. Going down, you cross the villages of Settano, Casalicchio and Cettina and return to the starting point.


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