Tipologia percorso:
Livello di difficoltà:
Lunghezza percorso:
8,92 km
Dislivello totale:
+ / - 235 m
Quota partenza:
738 m
Quota max:
766 m
Quota min:
629 m
Durata escursione:
3 hours stops included
A cura di:
Paolo Bellocchio
Aggiornato al:
June 22, 2020
The starting point is the entrance to the Parco dei Sette Frati, a public area located at 800 meters above sea level covering about 30 hectares, where you can park along the Marscianese state road.
Entering the park, continue to the right on the dirt road, leaving an amphitheater on the right where shows are often organized in summer, here there are drinking fountains, picnic tables, barbecues…; after a few tens of meters, on the left, you can admire what remains of two "experimental gardens" of lavender and saffron, still further on we meet a structure that houses the well-equipped Flora and Fauna Documentation Center of Monte Peglia, designed to to live really exciting experiences for the kids.
Further on, it is interesting to admire some "memories" of the Wao Festival held in 2017 focused on music but also on sustainability, creativity and sharing and which reminds us that despite all the differences that distinguish us, we are made of the same material. The spectacular main stage was built entirely with local bamboo canes assembled on the principles of environmental sustainability. Compostable tableware, no glass, dry toilets and some waste management staff have made WAO a zero impact festival in tune with nature.
From here the path that leads to the main naturalistic path of the Park is very close, it is not tiring and allows you to admire geological conformations, rocks and really rare minerals such as Venanzite, a unique rock in the world.
Continue and after about 2 km turn on the path to the right and after a few meters, the highest point of the route, it will be possible to admire on the horizon, on sunny days, the mountains of five Italian regions that border with Umbria and enjoy views breathtaking, then go down through the woods. At km 3.5, those who want to can make a detour to the right of about 200 m to reach an ideal point to admire a beautiful view of Lake Corbara on the horizon. The path continues downhill for about 1 km and then resumes the climb, again through the woods and after about 1.5 km you reach the point of the deviation, thus closing the ring. From this point, follow the same path as the outward journey until you reach the main square of the park and the parking lot where you left your cars.



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