Ring “Pratale” ( Allerona)


tourist - landscape
Type of route:
Difficulty level:
Track length:
12.32 km
Total height difference:
min 208 m - max 382 m
Departure altitude:
217 m
Max quota:
382 m
Min quota:
208 m
Excursion time:
2 h 37 min
Edited by:
Paolo Pimpolari
Updated on:
29 december 2019
From Allerona scalo take the provincial road SP108 leaving the railway on the left, follow it for about 2 km until you reach a small space where you can park your cars. then continue on foot following the track.
Pratale is part of the municipality of Allerona, in the province of Terni, in the Umbria region.
The village or locality of Pratale is 0.99 kilometers far from the same town of Allerona to which it belongs.
The hamlets or localities of Allerona Scalo (7.72 km), Case sparse (- km), Palombara (4.49 km), Stazione di Allerona (7.69 km) also belong to the municipality of Allerona.
The number in parentheses following each village or town indicates the distance in kilometers between it and the municipality of Allerona.
The hamlet or locality of Pratale rises 320 meters above sea level.
360 ° panoramic view with remarkable view of the badlands.
- Reported,
- accessible in all seasons, even by mountain bike,


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