Trail of the nature reserve – Ficulle


Type of route:
Difficulty level:
Track length:
16 km
Total height difference:
370 m
Departure altitude:
N.A. (not available)
Max quota:
N.A. (not available)
Min quota:
N.A. (not available)
Excursion time:
4 h stops excluded
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ProLoco of Ficulle
Updated on:
June 2017
The Path that crosses the Nature Reserve.
Our route starts from the municipal road that from Monte Nibbio (Villa Montis Nibli, from the Orvieto land registry of 1292) leads to the place called "Conventaccio", a splendid fortress located on the medieval road of Calenne which owes its name to the hypothesis that may have given refuge for a certain period to some sect of heretics, the Cathars, for a certain period of time present in Orvieto.
The path begins its descent towards the Chiani valley just behind the ruins, in a majestic view that sweeps from the Castle of Torre Alfina, Orvieto, to get lost in the dense and mysterious woods of the Elmo-Melonta natural protected area.
The area (1268 hectares) is located on the western flank of Monte Peglia; bounded to the west by the Chiani river, it appears as a whole system of hills between which Mount Melonta emerges (623 m a.s.l.). The uniqueness is represented by the centuries-old holm oak wood and, not surprisingly, the area represents one of the three components of the S.T.I.N.A. Monte Peglia and Selva di Meana (Territorial System of Naturalistic Environmental Interest). The main feature is therefore the presence of holm oak, which often gives rise to pure stains. The water system is also very complex, consisting of the Melonta, Montarsone and Elmo ditches. By virtue of the favorable environmental conditions and diversified habitats, the fauna of the STINA is also abundant and varied: ranging from the Crayfish, an indicator of clear waters, to the Fire Salamander, an amphibian that is a precious environmental indicator. Among the mammals there are the Marten, the Wild Cat and the Wolf; among the birds of prey the Peregrine Falcon and the Eagle Owl.
Once you arrive at the Chiani River, a splendid grove of holm oaks can be the setting for an excellent barbecue thanks to the fireplaces set up. Continuing, the ascent towards Porosaio begins, from which it is possible to go up towards I Poggi and then return to the starting point or continue towards Borgo San Gregorio and La Casella. The return to Monte Nibbio will see us go up towards Mealla (Villa Mealle), the place where a votive inscription to Diana was found engraved on a marble slab, ruins of a Roman villa from the imperial age, a fragment of a marble slab with grape harvest scenes, a marble cippus with Latin engravings dedicated to Mitra, now the base of the holy water stoup in the parish church of Santa Maria Vecchia.
Once on the Strada dei Poggi, as well as enjoying a wide view of the protected natural area and the Chiani valley up to Parrano and beyond, we will shortly rejoin our starting point.


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