Villalba – Allerona Scalo


Naturalistic, landscape and historical
Type of route:
On line
Difficulty level:
Track length:
16 Km
Total height difference:
+ 926 m / - 407 m
Departure altitude:
169 m
Max quota:
710 m
Min quota:
160 m
Excursion time:
4h (stops excluded)
Edited by:
Adio Provvedi ed Elena Rocchini
Updated on:
April 2017
Presentation Path Villalba Allerona Scalo
- Accessible on foot and by mountain bike.
- Accessible all year round.
- No signage.
- Parking areas equipped and not.
- Refreshment points and water supply only shortly after the start and end of the route in Allerona Scalo.
- Difficulty given by very muddy sections in case of rain in the previous days.
- Panoramic points on the Paglia valley, on the Monte Rufeno Nature Reserve and on Allerona.
- The route involves crossing the park of Villa Cahen for which a permit is required by calling the Municipality of Allerona or the caretaker.
- Historical-archaeological emergencies: Borgo di Meana.
- Naturalistic emergencies: Garden of Villa Cahen.


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