Villalba – Allerona Scalo


naturalistic, scenic and historical
Tipologia percorso:
In line
Livello di difficoltà:
Lunghezza percorso:
16 km
Dislivello totale:
About 250 m
Quota partenza:
N.D. (non disponibile)
Quota max:
N.D. (non disponibile)
Quota min:
N.D. (non disponibile)
Durata escursione:
N.D. (non disponibile)
A cura di:
Adio Provvedi and Elena Rocchini
Aggiornato al:
February 2014
- Passable walking and mountain biking.
- Walkable all year.
- No warnings in place
- Rest areas equipped and not.
- Refreshments and water supply only shortly after the start and end of the route in Allerona Scalo.
- On the way there are difficulties due to the slippery in case of rain in the previous days
- Viewpoints on the valley of Paglia, the Natural Reserve of Monte Rufeno and Allerona.
- The trail will cross the park of Villa Cahen for which a permit is required by calling the City of Allerona or guardian.
- Emergencies historical and archaeological: Borgo di Meana.
- Emergencies naturalistic: Garden of Villa Cahen.

Point of interest along the track:


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