Villalba – Fabro


Naturalistic, landscaped and historical
Type of route:
In line
Difficulty level:
Track length:
18 km ( 15,5 km from farm Acquaviva )
Total height difference:
About 450 m
Departure altitude:
N.A. (not available)
Max quota:
N.A. (not available)
Min quota:
N.A. (not available)
Excursion time:
5 hours and 20 minutes excluding stops
Edited by:
Adio Provvedi and Elena Rocchini
Updated on:
March 2015
- Passable walking and mountain biking.
- Recommended in spring and autumn.
- No warnings in place but easily identifiable.
- Rest areas not equipped.
- On the way there are difficulties due to the slippery in case of rain in the previous days and stretches of road to vehicular traffic..
- There are no points of water supply.
- Refreshments (bars and restaurants) only on arrival in Fabro.
- Emergencies ethno-anthropological: Borgo di San Pietro Aquaeortus
- Emergencies historical and archaeological Castle Fabro.
- Important viewpoints over the area of the badlands of Fabro.


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