wind holes – Civitella del Lago


Type of route:
Difficulty level:
Track length:
10,100 km
Total height difference:
+/- 442 m
Departure altitude:
426 m
Max quota:
601 m
Min quota:
367 m
Excursion time:
3h including stops
Edited by:
Paolo Bellocchio
Updated on:
September 07 2022
Accessible in any season, with attention in case of rain even in the previous days. Of clear geological interest.
Expected starting point: the Civitella del Lago cemetery, to use the large parking lot.
The trace of the itinerary starts from there.
Very short stretch on an asphalted road and then forward on the track, consisting of cart roads and a path with a bottom of rocks and stones.
The ring intercepts and runs along the path of the wind holes, an expression of a karst phenomenon in which these cavities, connected, it is thought, to a fairly large underground complex, due to the difference in temperature between the inside and the outside, forcefully push cold air outwards.
In our excursion we have foreseen a small digression (round trip) to arrive at the edge of the Vorgozzo, a majestic sinkhole about 72 m deep, which, however, the vegetation developed on the edge does not allow you to fully appreciate, while remaining safe, proper distance.


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