In the footsteps of Santo Venanzio


Naturalistic - landscape
Type of route:
Difficulty level:
Track length:
10,900 km
Total height difference:
+/- 438
Departure altitude:
698 m
Max quota:
724 m
Min quota:
448 m
Excursion time:
3 hours, stops excluded
Edited by:
Paolo Bellocchio
Updated on:
October 2020
Beautiful itinerary immersed in the woods of Monte Peglia, a UNESCO biosphere reserve. It follows the path known as the "Traccio di Santo Venanzio" in the first part, which is very scenic, then completes the ring on dirt roads.
It is advisable to start the ring from Poggio Spaccato (coming from Orvieto there is a sign indicating it, a few kilometers past Ospedaletto. Leave the cars in some open space on the road (there is one with a sign indicating " vocabolo Culianni ") and take a path on the right.After a while the path forks, the one that goes down is marked as" Traccio di Santo Venanzio ".
Arriving at the clearing with the shrine of the Saint, continue straight, cross an area used as a refreshment area with fireplaces and tables, bordered by a stream that indicates the abundance of water. Here we leave the path of the "Traccio" and begin the second part of the ring, uphill, on dirt roads always surrounded by woods as far as the eye can see.
At the end of the climb you meet the provincial road again, crossing the pine forests and along a small stretch of the provincial road you return to the starting point.
- Also accessible by mountain bike and on horseback;
- Accessible in any season with attention to mud and slippery slopes on rainy days;
- Insufficient reports in place;
- Along the way, in the final part, there is a typical restaurant of the place;
- There are no possibilities to stock up on water along the way.

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