Our project

Our project aims to enhance the cultural, naturalistic-environmental and gastronomic resources of Orvieto and of the surrounding area by promoting trade among organizations and associations with similar objectives, providing logistical, virtual support through this site.

We would like to work towards the following objectives, together with other people who would like to be part of the project:

– To promote the hiking culture, favoring the use of information regarding places of historical and archaeological interest, nature and the environment, and ethno-anthropology.

– To indicate hiking trails that connect various points of interest.

– To develop operating synergies with all people involved (associations and other organizations) that share the same goals of the project and consider it appropriate to use the web for publishing trails and pathways for walkers.

– To stimulate the people involved and the associations interested in protecting the local area, while looking for strategies for the conservation of existing trails.

In each location the description indicates the points of interest that characterize it, how long the distances take to walk, the difficulties that may be encountered and other useful information.