Ring ” Castellaccio – Melonta”


historical - archaeological - naturalistic
Type of route:
Difficulty level:
Track length:
6,5 km
Total height difference:
+ / - 337 m
Departure altitude:
612 m
Max quota:
621 m
Min quota:
372 m
Excursion time:
2 h
Edited by:
Gianfranco Milani - Paolo Bellocchio
Updated on:
16 august 2020
"il castellaccio", a site overlooking, on one side the valley crossed by the Chiani river between the municipalities of Orvieto, Ficulle and Parrano, on the other a passage on the plateau of Mount Melonta which probably united the area of Marsciano with our territory .
Leave the cars along the cart road and take the path marked on the map which descends for about 2.5 km and 300 meters in altitude, alternating forest with agricultural land. At each round there are splendid views with the buildings of Cantone, Ficulle and Orvieto.
Once you get to the stream, you start to climb for about 1.5 km and 200 meters in altitude to get to Castellaccio. Ruins of considerable expansion and equally interesting; on the plateau a splendid window opens on the south southwest side.
Descending from the site, we take the cart track which takes us back to the starting point by crossing an inhabited farm and then at the top we will find Mount Peglia which dominates the east side.

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