Ring of the Granaro and of the Bucacce – Allerona


naturalistic, landscape;
Type of route:
Difficulty level:
Track length:
12 km
Total height difference:
+/- 315m
Departure altitude:
385 m
Max quota:
590 m
Min quota:
336 m
Excursion time:
3 hours plus stops
Edited by:
Paolo Bellocchio
Updated on:
March 20, 2022
a morning in March is one of the best times to appreciate the landscape views that this itinerary presents, a beautiful north day is desirable and, thanks to the still sparse vegetation, the gaze can sweep over landscapes where nature still triumphs over some questionable work of 'man. You can easily find where to park your car for departure at the Allerona sports field (on the driveway leading to Villa Cahen) or at the nearby Allerona cemetery. The trail develops entirely on cart tracks, which can be traveled in any season, perhaps taking care to follow it in the cooler hours in the middle of summer. There are two crossings of the road leading to Villalba.

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